Saturday, July 27, 2013

Restaurant des musees, Carcassonne

We arrived in Carcassonne and could park at our hotel private parking, so we could walk and have our lunch while waiting for our room. As we walked around I couldn't find restaurants on my list, or it was closed. Our son was really hungry, and we came across this restaurant. I new it would be touristy, as all Carcassonne is, but they had a not that expensive menu, and I didn't want to spend on a more expensive meal there, because it would have been much more expensive. We sat at their terrace partially shaded with trees. There were numerous families in there. The good surprise, they had a cassoulet on child menu, and our son accepted to try it. Our son got a plate with charcuterie and salad as we did, but it had ham instead of cured ham. After that, cassoulet for everyone. I know the reviews were not good for this place, but the cassoulet was good. Not the best in the world, but I am always surprised in France even most touristy places are not that bad. I wouldn't have gone with other choices because of the touristy nature of the place, but the cassoulet was good and so filling, We didn't need a diner after such lunch. Then creme brulee for us and an ice cream for our son. He's got upset because it was served in a girl personage and didn't want to keep the toy. The service was good, and the waiters and the person at the cash were sorry our son disliked the girl toy, but it was his choice: chocolate and vanilla. But the personnel didn't notice a big difference, neither did we. It was just funny. So overall not a bad deal for such touristy place. The garden terrace was pleasant too.

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