Saturday, July 27, 2013

Auberge Lembert, Beynac

It was raining and we tried to find a restaurant not far from our camping. The closest one was closed, so we just continued to Beynac and stopped at the Auberge Lembert. They have a covered and heated terrace on top with a nice view of Beynac castle. We decided to try it. This restaurant has an interesting menu with dishes cooked a l'ancienne. I chose the fois gras bloc house version, they have a store on the first floor, and it was very good. I purchased some at the end of our meal. My husband started with plate of two terrines, which were delicious. Then we were served our duck confit. It had something on the top and after tasting I discovered these were marinated berries. This has brought up souvenirs from my childhood, when they made marinated fruits such as apples. As a child I didn't enjoy the taste then, however these berries were good. The duck was really tender and the potatoes with garlic delicious. All with a good rose wine. Our son chose a porc roast with potatoes which was good, a change from steak hache. As a desert my husband went with classical gateaux aux noix, but it was served with chocolate sauce, delectable. I chose something I rarely see on the menu and it was both spectacular and delicious: a tarte au chocolat. Not a cake, but tarte. The chocolat was dark chocolate not too sweet and with a bit of cocoa on top not sweet. Served with strawberries and Chantilly, it was one of the best deserts I had in France. I am not into big sweet food, but this was exceptional. Our son was enchanted with his ice cream of two sorts and Chantilly on the top. This was a regular menu, but it was so good, my husband said we will be back.

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