Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bayeux market

We went to Courseulles sur mer market and walked to Juno Beach. That area was liberated by Canadian soldiers and has flags and memorials. The market was big but the food section was just at the beginning. We bought most delicious Andalousian paella with chorizo, olives and bread and our son had a crepe with confiture. The weather was windy and rainy so we couldn't stay much longer as it was cold. So we came back to the camping and to bed. I woke up because someone was passing a gentle vacuum around me. But it was the gardener cutting bushes. In the afternoon the rain stopped and we even had sun. We just drove to the front of St Aubin sur mer and walked on the sand there in low tide. St Aubin looked as a pleasant place. It also has a memorial for Canadians and a bunker. Our son enjoyed running on the beach. Next morning we woke up early and drove to Bayeux market. We could park no problem right next to the market. I bought sausages that I cooked with potatoes later back to the camping. We also visited Bayeux on foot. It was rainy and windy, but the city is beautiful. We walked to the Cathedral and stopped at some of the stores. Our son purchased to airplanes from a toy store, and I bought spectacular pastries, one of which was a millefeuille aux fraises and small apple and pear tartelettes.
After Bayeux we drove to Pegasus Bridge for a very interesting movie and guided visit. From there we went to Grand Bunker Mur de l'Atlantique museum. It is not a big museum, however it gives a good sense of what the life in the bunker was and how from the top floor Germans could see all the coast. We then came back to Batterie de Merville. It was interesting to visit, and we did so in heavy rain. Fortunately I brought rain ponchos or the 3 of us. At the end of the visit there is a 10 minutes simulation in a bunker with all the noises during the war. This was really impressive and we had to cover our ears. You just don't know where the danger is coming from. As the weather became nice we just drove past our camping to Benny sur mer Canadian cemetery. The cemetery is small, but well maintained and touching. We purchased a special ice cream from the supermarket. It was apple and calvados. The taste was so delicate and special. This is something unique to try in Calvados region.

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