Thursday, July 25, 2013

Les Canisses, Normandy

We spent the morning after our arrival at the Monet house and gardens. The rain was really strong when we arrived in Paris, however luckily it stopped when we visited the gardens and we even had some sun. The gardens are small but very beautiful and the house enchanting from the outside. It was roses season. It was enchanting. I have to say coming from a subtropical climate we have always plenty of flowers in my home town and all sorts of plants.I have also seen Spanish, French, Japanese gardens in addition to Russian, so I am not that easily impressed with gardens in general. This garden looked like from a fary tale. Although I wasn't over impressed with it, it was beautiful. I like impressioninst paintings and for the art lovers you could relate the garden style to the paintings. Since we still had some time before lunch we drove to Les Andelys, however it started raining again and some of the roads were closed because of water on the streets. So we drove back close to our BB and since we still had some time before we decided to go to Les Canisses for a lunch. When we arrived, the restaurant was just opening, but they were nice to seat us at the covered terrace with a view on the river. The day formula was a salade de lentilles with haddock and smoked salmon, salmon and a cafe gourmand, my husbands choice.
I decided on a salad of St Marcelin with thyme and honey, and confit de joues de porc. And our son had a good choice menu and chose oeuf mayonaise, spagetti bolognaise served with the sauce on a side and an ice cream. My salad was mesclun with a piece of grilled bread with St Marcelin cheese on the top and was sweet because of honey. It was good. My husband's salad was the best, simply delicious. Then my confit de porc was excellent in a sauce. It was served with delicious potatoes and a tomato. My husbands piece of salmon was served with puree and vegetables. Then his cafe gourmand was spectacular and very good with a tart a cake and a little creme brulee. All with a nice rose. Excellent meal for 55E. For the night we were really exhausted but not hungry, and the gardens of our BB les Grandes Vignes had numerous cherry trees.

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