Saturday, July 27, 2013

La Belandre

On route to Loches we stopped in Leon d'Anjou for lunch at a pizzeria by the road, but they were closed and had to clean the terrace. The waitress looked depressed, so we just drove 3 km to another village to a creperie on the water front that was simply delightful. Finally luckily for us we didn't eat at the pizzeria, because the creperie was both beautiful and very good. My husband's crepe caramel au beurre sale was surprisingly even better than our crepes in Bretagne, exceptionally good.
After our meal we continued to Angers airport in Marce for the airplane museum. There were several groups of kids and our son had fun as he could seat in a couple of planes. Also at the end of the visit at 17h30 they opened the big doors and pushed 3 planes outside and to the great pleasure of all flied them. These are old planes, but they are not only museum pieces, but are restored and can be used.

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