Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brasserie des Capucines, St-Lo

On Sunday morning we drove to Arromanches early. I didn't want to see the movie absolutely because it is too realistic for our son. But we stopped by the movie place for pictures of the views. Then to Arromanches downtown. We arrived before the big tourist buses and had a very interesting tour in French of miniature reproduction and the remaining of the port through the window and some short movies. From Arromanches we decided to go to Pointe du Hoc. The weather became really bad, cold, windy and rainy when we arrived. But equipped with th ponchos we just walked with other visitors. The site is impressive with all bunkers and bomb craters, and my husband and son enjoyed the visit despite bad weather. I was happy for them. In the afternoon we still had forces for a small museum so we decided on radar museum. It is a vey small museum, however our 5E ticket included a small book. Kids had free admittance. I toured the 2 bunkers in a shot time then waited in the car for my husband and son who went for a second tour. I read the small book in the mean time and as I worked in microwave radio for many years I found the book really interesting. If you are a radio/radar passionate as I am it is worth it. Brasserie les capucines St Lo As we left our camping at ST Aubin sur mer, we drove to Airborne museum to Ste Mere Eglise for our son. After the museum we also wanted to visit zeppelin museum close by, but it was closed. We had to drive to our next destination in St Malo, but as it was lunch time we stopped in St Lo where I had found some restaurants reviews. We parked and walked to the Brasserie which was right in front of the castle. There are several snack bars and pizza places in that location, but since it was our last meal in Normandy I wanted to have local food. We sat at the protected terrace in sunny but windy weather. I wanted to try Tripes a la mode de Caen, so that was my choice. My husband chose the day menu with a veloute d'asperges with oeuf poche on top, that we shared. Then his brochettes were served with a delicious bearnaise sauce. My tripes plate was in fact a cocotte and full of tripes. I had a few good spoonful of them. They were cooked with carrots and in a broth with muscade taste. I don't particularly enjoy muscade, even though it is used a lot back home in doughnuts and meat pies, but I cook a tripes soup that my husband enjoys, with his mother recipe. So we swapped our plates. All with good Cidre.
He enjoyed a lot tripes and I enjoyed tremendously the bearnaise. As desert my husband had a moeleux au chocolat and our son an ice cream.

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