Monday, July 29, 2013

Du Cote de chez Swann, Bandol

We arrived in Bandol for lunch and our apartment was available at 2PM. So we parked at the central car park and decided to go for lunch on the street right next to our apartment. Du cote de chez Swann is a very good restaurant with great reviews. On Saturday they didn't have a formule, but a menu with 2 choices of each serving. Anchoiade offerte. My husband decided on a rack of lamb a la carte. I chose on the menu. My appetizer was a tartare de saumon, prepared with both raw and smoked salmon. They also gave my husband a small portion of tartare, so he didn't have to wait for his main. Our son chose a steak with a risotto. The risotto was with seafood and had pieces of lobster in it. Our tartare was both spectacular and very good. Then my husband's lamb was served with a delicious puree and girolles as was my rable de lapin. My rable was wrapped in cured ham and was extremely tender and tasty. I then called our apartment contact for meeting later, but he was available to give me the keys right away. So I went with him to the apartment. But I missed my profiterolles with pistache, which was so spectacular and excellent, all I got were several spectacular pictures of it and their happy faces. And our son's ice cream was melon and pistache. All with a very good rose. This was a very good and memorable meal for about 75E for the 3 of us. We will return when back in Bandol.

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