Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tour de France, aligot and last pizza in Paris

We took the bateau-bus to Champs Elysees stop to get to Arc de Triomphe. When we got closer to the streets we understood why there were crowds everywhere: it was the final of Tour de France. Main streets were closed and we needed to use metro accesses to cross a street. After we reached the Arc, we just took the metro to our favorite bistro, Chez-Flottes. It was difficult to move in the crowd, but fortunately it was very close.

They still had a table outside which we got. The street itself was quiet. Last time we arrived with the Pope, and this time we witnessed the final of Tour de France. The food was excellent there as usual. We went with onion soup followed by duck confit and delicious aligot.

Our son chose a spaghetti Bolognese which seemed delicious. He was happy, so we could just relax and enjoy Paris. The personnel was very attentive and the waitress talked to our son whenever she approached. She also offered to split the aligot since it is very filling, so we didn't have to pay much more as by default potatoes were included, but not the aligot. Some people were waiting to get a table there. The man who made us to seat is an older man and he was here every time we went to this restaurant over the years. It is a bit expensive, but this is Paris. It was very hard to get to Rive gauche, only metro was accessible, but we walked to the Louvre and went through the shopping center, and then we could get to our bateau-bus quay. We have been to Paris on many occasions, so we didn’t need to rush, and just spent our day cruising and enjoying the city in nice weather.

Pizza pasta vino e birra We sat at this pizza bar/restaurant which is located right on the corner of St Michel and Quai Grand Augustin for our last glass (well that was a pitcher) of wine/beer of our vacation. I ordered a pitcher of rose wine which was not cheap. While seating there our son decided on a pizza. I wasn't too hungry and chose a beef Carpaccio.

The waitress didn't speak much French or English. She couldn't explain the dish and finally she said she's never seen it. She was probably new to Paris because she didn't know anything about the St Michel RER station we were seating in front and which was closed. My Carpaccio was just enough for me and husband and son shared a truffle and eggplant pizza which was excellent (I have tasted it). Food was surprisingly good for such touristy and popular location. I am not a person who would spend a fortune on pizza in France (too many French food options to try) but it was good. The big plus, it was facing Notre Dame, so we could take in Paris. After that we went packing and finished with some wine in our room before going asleep.

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  1. Delicious blog! I've already found some places I will visit next time I am in France. :)