Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch at la Petite Cour, Cahors

This restaurant is easy to find as it is right on the main road along the river in Cahor facing the old bridge. After our visit to Pech Merle grotto, we drove there. Despite a week day the restaurant was full and only 2 tables were left, one of which was under sun.

I chose the shaded table on the terrace while my husband was parking our car. Another couple arrived while I was waiting and reading menu. Their table was really close to ours. They said hi and sat. The man was very polite and asked me a permission to smoke. I don't really like the small of smoke while eating, but since I was waiting I just said it is ok for now with a smile. He didn't smoke however at all when he saw our son. The restaurant had a lunch menu as all of restaurants we have been to, but I decided to try local cuisine as Cahors is renowned for wines and terroir. So I chose on the menu a tatin de foie gras, which was delicious and big served with a salad. We shared that with my husband. I was made sweet with honey, and although I don't eat much sweet, this was an interesting combination that I enjoyed a lot. Then I chose duck confit and my husband decided on pave de rumsteak petite cour.

The duck confit was good, but the rumsteak was really delicious, served with foie gras on top and with sauce. The meat just melted in my mouth when I tried it.

All with a good rose wine.
Our son had a child menu with vegetables and salad included. He loves vegetables.
We had an excellent meal for 60E for the 3 of us.

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