Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Restaurant Relais d'Artemis in Bracieux

I swear, I still could taste some ingredients for a few days. It is a very good restaurant and it is possible to sample food as they have several menus to try. We arrived for lunch after visiting Chambord and before heading to Cheverny.

We could park in front of the restaurant. The restaurant had a big restaurant section almost full on a Wednesday, a bar section, more casual where we were seated, and a garden, which was closed since big clouds were around. I dressed in a blazer, but many people were just wearing jeans for lunch, still some business people who were dressed. The 2-3 families were sat in the bar section which had comfortable settings. Our son and another kid were playing DS.
The personnel was attentive and nice. They also have high chairs for kids, better to reserve and child menu.
We were served an anchoiade with bread to start with. Our son had a big plate of roast chicken and fries followed by an ice cream, so he was enchanted. We went with 18E menus.
We had each a terrine, followed by magret de canard (duck magret), then I went with cheese plate and my husband with a caprice du chef au chocolat. The terrine was good with delicious compote d'ognions. The magret was presented as a flower, perfectly rose with tasty sauce and accompanied with a renverse which was sour but very good (I tasted that for a few days in my mouth). There was also a potato cut in two and presented as another flower.
At first my husband thought he won't have enough food, but with his desert it was just enough for visiting Cheverny. I receives my cheese plate with 3 tiny pieces of cheese, but the surprise was each cheese had a pronounced smell and specific taste, and with bread I felt I had enough food. I really enjoyed cheese plate.
All accompanied with a house rose. It was the most refined meal(in terms of food) we had during our 1 month trip to France.
I highly recommend this place.


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