Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diner at La marmitte in Bandol

It is located in a small street between Pons and Republique streets in Bandol, next to Auberge Provencale. We stopped at this restaurant as they displayed oysters on their ardoise menu. We were seated in the street terrace and I had a small sea view from there. As an aperitif we were served 4 types of sauces/tapenade. One anchoiade, 1 tapenade, 1 zucchini sauce very good, and another sauce I can't remember. The wine came by pitcher and was inexpensive. My oysters arrived on ice with a lemon and garlic butter and my husband went with a fish soup with croutons and rouille. The soup portion was big and it was delicious. Our son was served a steak hache with fries. Asked to cook it more, and the waiter changed his plate also no problem. Then my husband got his taureau with vegetables which was delicious. He first asked for a well done meat, but the waitress recommended to cook it less and she was right.

I received my exquisite bowl full of mix of fish and some mussels. Now, I think this was the best dish I ever tried in Provence in our 3 trips there. The fish was perfectly cooked and very tasty. It was served in a yellow sauce made of fenouil, garlic, safran and other ingredients, it had a nicely cut carrot and a potato.

A real delight in each spoonful. For desert our son had an ice cream with pistachio and cassis and we decided on creme brulee in lavender liqueur. The creme brulee was exquisite, although the lavender taste was very light. This restaurant doesn't have seafront to sell, if it is there it is because of high food quality and excellent cooking. The price was inexpensive of 53E for 3 of us for this quality of meal.
I highly recommend this place for our best meal in Bandol and we sampled a few restaurants there staying for 2 weeks.

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