Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunch at Du Thym a l'ail, Bandol

Great restaurant despite touristy location.
This restaurant is at the end of the touristy promenade covered with shops along the port and the beach, but I read good reviews on that place and we decided to try it. The daily menu is available for 12E and 14E which is very affordable, this menu could be ordered until 7PM. Our son had the traditional steak hache and fries, this one was perfectly cooked as we explained. As appetizer we chose marinated herring. I am a herring lover, mostly salt sort, and often buy it whole and clean and prepare it with onions and olive oil. This herring came covered with vegetable which included carrots and it was truly delicious. Then my husband ordered shark, I was surprised because he is a meat lover mostly except for salmon. So, I ordered blanquette de veau just to ensure we could swap plates with him.The shark arrived served with garlic, tomatoes and basil on top, with rice, carrots, zucchini and roast tomato. The shark tasted like swordfish (espadon), it was good.

Now the blanquette, which is usually a common plate in Montreal was simply delicious. It melted in my mouth. I wasn't sure anymore I wanted to exchange it for shark, although I love fish. Of course my husband couldn't resist the meat and so I finished the shark and he finished the blanquette.

We splurged with a 14E menu and ordered a creme caramel each (I couldn't resist this desert). Our son had a choice of cafe gourmand, creme caramel or sweet crepe included. He is not too much into sweet like me except for an ice cream. The waiter was really nice when he saw our son's grimace, he offered him just home made vanilla ice cream to see a big smile on our son's face. For 53E for the 3 of us we got an excellent meal.

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