Thursday, July 23, 2015

Burgundy, Auxerre

We arrived at 7h30 AM on a Wednesday, picked up our car and then drove to Auxerre for the night. Our car this time was a Fiat in compact category. We had to wait a few minutes to get it. As we were pretty tired, we just relied on the GPS, but as usual it was lost, and we drove twice around CDG airport, then finally on the road towards some small town on the Marne. We wanted to avoid any downtown, after the transatlantic fight and being jet lagged. But this animal GPS brought us straight to a pedestrian downtown and then there were no streets we could take anymore it brought us into an inside parking lot.
We finally realized there was something wrong with GPS mode and after verifications, of course it has set itself to pedestrian mode. So, instead of 2 hours driving it was indicating time in days. The town was old and beautiful and had plenty of swans on the river, but we were too exhausted to take pictures.

We forced the GPS to take freeways and it was a relatively fast drive to our hotel in Auxerre, Hotel de Normandie. Wow, I could see a big church on a mount which was spectacular. We found a free parking right in front of the hotel and walked in. The hotel is very nice and in old French style with huge high windows. Our room was ready and the person at the desk walked us to the room, very friendly and it was a cordial welcome and attention. Our room was nice with a fireplace and 2 huge windows and the bathroom was big with a big window too.

We decided to visit Auxerre and walked to the old town. Auxerre is beautiful and has several spectacular churches. The walk by the river is delightful. The brasserie I have located didn't serve meals in the evening, but we weren't so hungry after the plane and just bought a picnic from a supermarket and enjoyed in our room.

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