Friday, July 24, 2015

Alps, Annecy and Doussard beach

We arrived to the neighborhood of Annecy, and of course our GPS has decided to quit the freeway and to take a little mountain narrow and winding road with wide enough for 1.5 cars and it was a scary drive as we encountered wide trailers and cars.

Our apartment was ready and had beautiful views.

This morning we drove to Doussard for a walk on the beach and to close by supermarkets. There is a LIDL and an Intermarche 5 minutes from the hotel.

On a market day, Sunday, we drove to Annecy. The market is nice and we purchased a roast chicken with complimentary potatoes and had a nice walk through the old town. A bike competition was planned and they were going to close streets downtown so we drove to Talloires and took the boat to Annecy for lunch.

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