Friday, July 24, 2015

Alps, Lac Annecy, Aiguille du midi

We drove to Talloires and took the boat around the lake. The views are beautiful.

We came back to Talloires by boat, after completing the tour of the lake, to recover our car from the free parking and it was hell. People were fighting for parking and the group that took our place were with a trailer, although trailers were prohibited in that parking. We got stuck as they started to park even before we completely quit, and made us to panic about the car.

As we drove back to Faverges people were picnicking all around the lake, and some were even laying on the asphalt between parked cars. It was very hot and some parked their cars on a precarious slope and were laying bellow tilting cars, not a safe but shady spot. The lake is beautiful, but I wouldn't lay on asphalt personally. It is better to avoid it on the weekends and in nice weather. The traffic can be mad too.

On Monday morning we drove to Chamonix. We were lucky not to wait in the line. There were people, but we didn't wait more than 15 minutes. I was wearing woolen socks, layers of clothes and a hat.

We went up with a few bumps, then we changed gondolas and the last part was pretty much vertical and impressive.

Incredible views from Aiguille du midi.  It is quite expensive, but the views are unique. 3842m.

People who came with us started climbing and hiking.

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