Friday, July 24, 2015


We then continued to Lyon, Corbas airport for our son's surprise visit of the airplane museum. Of course we had to drive through Lyon. It is a beautiful place, but the traffic can be bad. There are tunnels.

We arrived to the museum in suburbs of Lyon and I have decided to stay in the park. There were preparations for a big night party. I could also see people flying the planes. One of them was going up and then turning of the engine, was diving, many times. 3 people arrived by parachutes. The small aerodrome had a lot of action to watch. Husband and son visited the museum and liked it. The museum is small, but the guide was passionate about planes and it lasted 1.5 hours. They are members of aero club back home, so to then it was an exciting experience to chat with club members in France.

We then drove to our BB in Beaujolais for overnight. The traffic in Lyon was huge and even getting out was difficult, but we finally managed. As we took the exit to the BB the GPS drove us through the field but the next road it indicated was through the vineyard. My husband was ready to follow, but I was afraid to damage the car bottom, and we backtracked where the field road had separated. Of course there was an indication there for the BB.

A little girl took care of us and asked us to seat and wait for her mother. We were shown the common kitchen and taken to our room. The room and the bathroom were beautifully decorated in country side style, but the best was the views on the valleys and hills, very nice. We decided to drive to Oingt for dinner. It is a cute village with beautiful views. At first we couldn't find the entrance to the restaurants as they redid the asphalt and closed accesses, but we finally found and chose Les Pierres Dorees.

This restaurant is family owned and we were served by family members. It has fantastic views. When we arrived we were first, but the restaurant filled completely with local people and some tourists.

Assiette du terroir with local terine, oignon confit, salad and selection of hams, our son's choice.

 Lamb with potatoes and delicious sauce, our choice with local Beaujolais wine.

 Ice cream souffle au Grand Marnier

 Tarte tatin with ice cream, delicious, and has disapeared quickly.

After such a big meal we arrived back to our BB and just before I was going to bed I have heard some loud noise and went to my window, and wow, it was a big fireworks for 30 minutes. Although on June 25, people told me they were celebrating St-Jean, just like in Quebec, it is a big event in villages still celebrated.

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