Thursday, October 2, 2014

La Goelette, Ile Rousse hotel

I wouldn't have chosen this restaurant spontaneously, as it is part of the luxurious hotel Ile Rousse in Bandol. But our son played with two french girls all our stay and the father has invited us to this very nice terrace. We met with the family every day and twice a day.

They came to our place to watch fireworks for July 14. I just served a good rose wine with amuse-gueules, as it was at 10PM. We had a great view from our balcony, but it was really our pleasure to receive them.

When there were Medusa at Renecros beach we all decided to try Plage du Casino, and loved it. The water is warmer there although there are algae and stones in water, but passed that there is sand. But there is a play ground with kids playing soccer or volley. Our son enjoyed this a lot.

Then their last day we rented a pedalo so the two men brought our son and the two girls for snorkeling from the pedalo. They had a great fun. Then we dressed and just walked to the the very nice restaurant terrace where our new friends invited us.

This place is expensive, but we were told the tartare was excellent there, and the father of the two girls took his coffee there every morning, so he made friends with the staff.

The food was spectacular in presentation at least. The wine was excellent. Kids had chicken nugets and fries, and they were excellent. The tartare looked very good and I know it has to be very fresh. I chose seafood platter from appetizers menu and it was 20E. My husband went with a rack of lamb.

Sea food was good, however at the Brasserie Toche it was more fresh and spectacular. It was also very fresh from the market.

We had a great meal all together, and our host was happy we enjoyed it. I gave to the girls little gifts with lavender pouches, eau de cologne and soap. I offered to pay because it was expensive, but he wanted to invite us absolutely.

Then as he asked us if we wanted to have a desert, after a coffee; I offered we all walk downtown for the best ice cream. Really, deserts were 12E each and kids didn't even finish their food.

We just walked in the sun to an ice cream place right in front of our apartment and indulged everyone with cocktails and most delicious ice cream from Provence for only 38E for the 5 of us. Two melon cocktails for men, a Kir for me, Shtroumph blue ice cream for the girls, and our son with water melon and strawberries refreshing ice cream. And finally we had to say goodbye to our friends, which was very difficult.

This was a very emotional day for us. Our son also made friends at the other beach and we stayed there until 8PM so he could play and say goodbye to them. They all will be waiting for him next summer.

Already, I didn't have a siesta, and then we had to pack, and I didn't sleep at night at all. Needless to say I was exhausted even before we had to travel for about 20 hours to get back home from Bandol to Marseille airport by bus and train and then a 4 hours wait between our flights at CDG. But I survived and we have great souvenirs of France and its very warm people in our hearts.

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