Thursday, October 2, 2014

Arriving in Bandol

We drove for 2 hours with some waiting at the tolls.

When we finally arrived in Bandol, I called our contact from the agency and we agreed to meet in 30-45 minutes in front of our apartment.

This gave us time to sit right bellow our apartment at the bar le Nautic. And we ordered a cheese plate, cold cuts plate and a croque Monsieur for our son. Cold cuts and cheese where a 6E special with a glass of wine. With bread it made us a great light meal.

All was delicious, and it is always impressive watching little trucks to take the sidewalk to load daily market. They have great skills for very small spaces and not hitting any motor bikes parked there in big numbers. Although I would hesitate parking there. They are also approaching very close to people sitting on the terrace.

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