Thursday, July 26, 2012

Les Pierres Rouges, Collonges la Rouge

This is a very good restaurant in a relatively touristy location.

I chose charcuterie platter and duck confit and my husband saw the gesiers salad, so he decided to try, and duck confit as well.

For the kids they had saussage with pommes dauphines. I asked if they could change for fries to be on the safe side. It caused some confusion in the kitchen although on the menu it was specified a choice garniture. The confusion possibly came from the owner's kid helping there. We had to re ask for a carraffe d'eau and wine. His mother was distracted while serving us. In any case the food was excellent. My platter was big and with a good sampling of charcuterie.

The duck confit was perfectly cooked: tender on the inside and crisp skin. So far, it was the best duck we had in this area. The plates were big with a lot of pommes dauphines, ratatouille, salad and onion confit. I couldn't finish mines as we had another hour of driving and I had to indicate directions to my husband. All accompanied by a good rose wine. Everything for about 53E.

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