Thursday, July 26, 2012

La Table du Marais, Grolejac

This is a nice restaurant on the road between Grolejac and our camping. It has african decorations and music, the ambiance and the setting are pleasant. You have to reserve to get to eat inside a case (african style open gazebo). Otherwise they have a terrasse too. The setting is on a small lake and they have a corner for kids to play in the garden.

I ordered a duck confit and my husband too but in a menu with salade de gesiers.

His salad was good. My duck was a bit dry inside. His duck was a bigger piece and was better. It wasn't grilled on the outside but just left facon campagne. Everything that came with duck was very tasty and good. The cabbage, the potatoes, the tomato. We weren't served at the same time the main, but it was ok, I waited a bit. The personnel was smiling and very nice otherwise.

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