Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Le Coin des Halles

This restaurant is located in an old house very close to Langeais castle. A big group touring the region was in the same room with us and as we sat the guide apologized for noise they would be making. I had no problem with this and answered her with a smile that we could be noisy too. In any case they weren't too loud (these were French tourists) and we could appreciate our meal.

My choice was Royale de foie gras with cantaloup and foie gras pieces nice and good. My husband decided to try asperges blanches (white sparagus) with oeuf poche and delicate sauce, on my recommendation as this is the regional specialty. His apetizer was very good. Then we both continued with lamb shoulder, perfectly cooked and tender served on couscous and caviar d'aubergines sauce. Accompanied by a rose wine.

Our son's appetizer was cured ham, followed by chicken and fries, and an ice cream. Very good restaurant.

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