Sunday, August 3, 2014

To Colmar and Kaysersberg

In the morning we drove to Colmar, the town of Bartholdi.

We visited Colmar aboard a little white train. Old Colmar is really beautiful. We then walked back to Winstub Brenner for a lunch with a choucroute garnie for me served with sausages, ham and lard (bacon), steak and potatoes for our son, and tripes in Riesling wine. All with house wine pitcher and served in Hansel and Gretel plates. I was surprised as the choucroute is served hot in Alsace. I serve it hot only when I prepare it with tomato sauce and sausages and meat, but otherwise I serve it cold as is or in a salad.

Tripes in Riesling tasted more like tripe soup I prepare for my husband sometimes.

 After this rich lunch we walked back to our car through old Colmar where our son indulged himself with a huge ice cream.

We then drove to Kaysersberg to our apartment. We waited a bit for the owner at the table of their restaurant downstairs.

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