Sunday, August 3, 2014

Paris, continued

Next morning we woke up and walked to St Michel area and had an espresso croissant breakfast a one of the bakeries with external sitting with the best croissants. We then walked to Notre Dame to take the Open tour bus.

We left the bus at the Printemps store stop and entered the store. There is a nice panoramic terrace on top of Printemps and we spent some time there enjoying the views before continuing to Passage des Princes for toy shopping. As we were close to Chez Papa, we decided to have our lunch there. They still had a few tables available at the outside terrace, but a few minutes later the restaurant became full.

My husband and I decided on huge salads and our son chose an omelet.

Their salads are delicious to the last layer with salad leaves with bleu de brebis cheese.

We then continued our visit of Paris.

Later that night we purchased a pizza to go from one of Balcan places in very touristy St Michel area, however the pizza was good. For the first time in our visits we walked to Pont Neuf at night and waited for the Eiffel tower to illuminate. We hopped to see it at 10PM, but there was still light on the streets. We waited there until 11PM when the magic occurred. It was very beautiful. On the streets there were a lot of atmosphere as people just left the bars and were honking and chanting in the streets because French won at the FIFA World cup that night.

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