Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beaune, Bourgundy

After our stay in Alsace we drove to Burgundy and stopped to visit Savigny les Beaunes castle and museum. My husband and son were surprised when we stopped at the castle, as it stated 80 airplanes, they just couldn't believe it. We then visited the house with race cars and motorcycles, then tractors and field machinery and then wow, there were the 80 airplanes in one part of the garden. They were overwhelmed with joy and surprise. Then all the floor inside the castle was dedicated to miniature airplanes. There were thousands of them, just incredible.

We then drove to our hotel in Beaune, Au grand St-Jean, where we left our car and walked around to visit Beaune and have a diner at Brasserie Le Carnot with Boeuf Bourguignon and a pizza for our son and a very good wine. Our hotel had just delightful family with kids at the reception, and we received a very warm welcome any time we entered or leaved the hotel.

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