Wednesday, August 1, 2012

K'art Bandol

It was a windy evening and we decided to seat inside. As this was on July 14, most restaurants had tables reserved including the K'art. As we were seating the restaurant filled up, and many people had to come back later to get a table. One group forgot to mention a child and the restaurant couldn't accommodate a bigger table, as it is very small.

We ordered the 18E menus. Our choice was anchois a la catalane, onglet de boeuf saignant and creme brulee a la citronelle, with a good half of Bordeaux wine. Our son with his traditional steak and fries, and an included lemonade. Asked to cook more the steak hache.

The anchois were marinated and served with red bell peppers marinated as well. Delicious.

The onglet was very tender and perfectly cooked and came with delicious potatoes. Our son enjoyed them very much too. Followed by a delicious creme brulee.

Excellent quality for 53E.

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